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SUPer AKCIJA na SUP daske uz besplatnu lycru!

11.04.2014, 12:45


Kako Stand-Up Paddle kao sport raste iz dana u dan odlučili smo složiti jednu OPAKU akciju na Starboard i Amundson epoxy i wood SUP daske s popustima od 35 do 45%. Ne samo to nego vam uz svaku kupljenu dasku iz akcije poklanjamo i Starboard Team lycru u vrijednosti 400kn! Ovo je zasigurno razlog da budete SUPer i uvedete ovaj predivan sport u vašu svakodnevnicu!

JP Australia 2014 daske po najatraktivnijoj cijeni!

09.04.2014, 10:13


Radimo malu nadopunu narudžbe te vam nudimo da se priključite i svoju novu dasku dobijete po najpovoljnijoj cijeni na tržištu! Ovim putem ste sigurni da će te dobiti onu dasku koja vam fali na vrijeme i samo za vas. Požurite i zgrabite najbolje za najmanje!

O'BRIEN Tube, Wakeboardi i Skije - proljetna akcija

29.03.2014, 09:17


Kako bi vas sve upoznali s našim novi dijelom asortimana složili smo kul akciju. S O'Brienom smo dogovorili odličan deal i složili fakat povoljne maloprodajne cijene. Imamo već nešto robe na skladištu koju smo doveli za Sajam Nautike i nudimo vam to po super cijeni.

Windsurf oprema s opakim popustom 30 - 50%

14.03.2014, 15:04


Sunce i lijepo vrijeme ove godine je nešto uranilo, naravno u obostranu korist, malo manje u onu snowboarderima. Najnoviji Starboard, NP, Severne i JP Australia je sezonu 2014 je naručen pa smo skupili popis stvari koje smo stavili na rasprodaju sa BRUTALNIM popustima do 30 do 50%

Windsurf daske – još 3 dana za najpovoljniju narudžbu

06.03.2014, 08:32


Surf Shop 09.03. radi posljednju narudžbu Starboard i JP Australia daska za sezonu ljeto 2014. Pa ako imate ideju koja vam daska nedostaje javite nam i mi ćemo vam složiti najpovoljniju ponudu na svijetu!



Nazovite za cijenu...


The System is a predictable board all the way around. Geared for the beginner to intermediate wakeboarder looking to find an affordable setup. The Sytem features enhanced double barrel channels exiting the tip and tail of the board, a continuous rocker and 1.35" Flank fins for predictable tracking and precision edge hold.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

2.561,00 kn
2.176,85 kn


Hybrid flex for the masses, the Ace targets an aggressive rider wanting to explore the sport without breaking the bank. Wide-set quad flank fins and low-volume rail provide strong edging and control, while the continuous rocker pattern provides predictable lift off the wake. Thin profile allows the board to flex and rebound under load, maximizing pop.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

Nazovite za cijenu...


The legend lives on! Still rocked by many of our pro riders, the Valhalla proves that when you get something right, you stick with it. The Valhalla's progressive rocker line keeps the pop predictable like a continuous board but with the kick of a 3-stage, the full rail and beveled edge through the midsection keeps the board loose & floaty when flat, and tapers in volume towards the tips to provide edge bite you need when carving. The single-to-double concave hull provides thrust while deep exit channels harness your edge power at the wake. With lengths ranging from 127cm to 143 cm there's size options for everyone. Impact base also available.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

Nazovite za cijenu...


We designed the CODA for riders who like a fast, responsive board with snap off the wake. The CODA has a full midsection profile with slightly pulled in tips and V hull, allowing the board to roll on edge with ease and build progressive line tension towards the wake. The variable beveled edge keeps it clean & predictable edge-to-edge. Featuring our most abrupt 3-stage rocker line and our signature DELTA base, the CODA's thin profile allows the board to flex under load and rebound at the wake, generating explosive pop. Impact base also available on the 135 and 141.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

3.081,00 kn
2.618,85 kn


The board that started O'Brien's DELTA base revolution! The Natural's full profile and wide tips are ideally suited to the rider who prefers a slightly tail-heavy approach to the wake, where the blended 3-stage rocker kicks the tail into the wake, generating vertical pop. The variable beveled edge and quad molded fins provide secure edging even when not using the optional center fin. One ride is all it takes.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

3.681,00 kn
3.128,85 kn


For those looking for a more wallet friendly, do-it–all boat & cable board, the Fremont is for you. Inspired by Sean O’Brien’s pro model Paradigm flex board, we captured the essence of all that makes a good flex board, focusing on cost effective measures to make sure the price is right. Featuring the same featureless bottom and durable removable Blunt fins, the Fremont is stable for the intermediate but suitable for the pro level rider as well.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

Nazovite za cijenu...


The Decade is quickly becoming the board of choice for both freeride and competitive riders, and for good reason. Incorporating 11 years of collective development and the most extensive prototyping ever performed on an O'Brien board and possibly the history of the industry, the Decade pushes the envelope of thought and progression of wakeboard design. The variable edge profile is fat through the center 14" of the board and quickly tapers to a more refined edge at the boot position to the tips of the board. This gives the board a unique floaty feel when centered, transferring to deep-set edge when carving. The expanded DELTA base keeps the water cleanly breaking off the tail of the board, reducing rocker-induced drag and providing optimum release off the wake. The molded fins are as thin as possible for minimal drag and optimum control, and which combined with a 3-stage rocker for just the right amount of kick. The Clean V bottom through the center of the board makes the landings buttery soft.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

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The Contra features a triple-concave hull through the midsection that transitions into defined channels exiting at the tips, providing unparralleled thrust to the wake. The variable rail has extra volume through the center for a more forgiving transition, while the unique, centrally located molded fins provide exceptional balanace and control while on edge. The Contra rides a bit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to generate line tension effortlessly, maximizing the 3-stage pop at the wake. The Fusion core continues with Contra, providing just a bit of flex for added snap when slashing, boosting & softening landings.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

Nazovite za cijenu...


Josh Sanders' all-new pro model features O'Brien's newly minted Fusion Core. Using top-to-bottom full length wood stringers, we were able to both reduce the overall volume of the board and decrease the weight of the fiberglass laminate - creating a board that is up to 1.5 lbs lighter than our standard core. We've also re-inviented the progressive rocher by lifting the centerline of the board toward the tips, resulting in a more vertical pop with no loss of speed to the wake. A subtle double concave through the clean midsection of the board softens impacts on landings. The base of the deck is finished off with (4) 0.7 inch Spine fins, our signature Delta Base for a faster ride, and a full length step-down rail to increase edge hold. Shape: Sanders / C. Johnson

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

4.421,00 kn
3.757,85 kn


When we approached Sean O’Brien to develop the Paradigm, the question was raised “Can we create a single, no compromise board for the cables, rails, and behind the boat?” In the past, boards that were great on the obstacles suffered off the wake and vice versa. Not anymore. The Paradigm forges a unique union between wake and park riding, a board equally at home shredding rails or boosting off the double up. Featuring our new Fusion Core with top to bottom full-length wood stringers, we utilize a heavily ribbed cross-section and tapered geometry to control the flex of the board. The result is a board that is stiff through the midsection with flexible snappy tips, allowing the board to carve with incredible energy and accelerated boot off the wake. With HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) base and rails, the Paradigm is as durable as they come and is quickly becoming an O’Brien team favorite.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

4.721,00 kn
4.012,85 kn


Introduced in 2012, the Baker set the standard for the all-terrain boards and for 2013 we’ve made it even better. Both Nick Ennen and legions of stoked Baker riders worldwide gave us great feedback, and in response we’ve added more flex to the tip and tail, reduced the volume and height of the molded fins and added subtle tracking channels through the midsection of the board. The result? The Baker is now lighter, tracks better, presses longer and has more of the load-andrelease explosion off the wake that flex riders love. Of course it still has our bombproof Impact base, Dura-Rail edge and snappy Fusion core. Comes with removable 0.8 Blunt center fins to tune the ride.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.

4.951,00 kn
4.208,35 kn


Creating a board that meets the needs of Jeff Langley’s style was not easy. Not only does he do all the tech tricks with style; he also takes his tricks impossibly big as well. After a year’s worth of prototypes and countless hours of hard work and inspiration we give you The Bruce. Built off our Fusion core and bombproof sandwich construction, we developed an explosive 5-stage rocker line that is fast and poppy behind the boat. Dura Rail edges and Impact base make this board at home on the cable park as well. A full rail through the midsection of the board lets the board sit high on the water for ultra clean release as well as providing added buoyancy when riding at slower boat speeds. Fins at each end keep the tail loose, providing the perfect balance of control and freedom. The board has very little flex through the center, providing maximum pop when riding a balanced approach to the wake but has flexible tips for load-andrelease snap with a tail-heavy approach. A double concave midsection and Delta Base exiting the tips keeps the board landing soft and riding clean. 
The Bruce 5-Stage Rocker – If 3-stage rocker and Progressive rocker had kids, you’d get O’Brien’s new 5-stage rocker. Defined by a flatter rocker profile through the midsection of the board – 5-stage is fast on the water with glide. The tips are turned up twice as you reach the ends of the board, giving the board a more explosive kick off the wake. The result is a board that rides fast and hits hard at the wake, but in a predictable fashion.

LINK na izvornu stranicu.



2.225,00 kn

Obrien skije Performer

The adjustable X-8 binding securely holds almost any size foot without sacrificing performance. Extra surface area provided by the wide fore-body allows for easy deep water starts. Also the Performer has an aggressive rocker and bevels making it a great slalom ski.

68'' / 172 cm
vez: x8 
Foot size: 7-13 


1.535,00 kn

Obrien skije Celebrity 68

With the adjustability of the 700 binding, almost anyone will feel comfortable right away on the Celebrity! Whether you’re learning to ski for the first time or an experienced slalom skier, the Celebrity does it all! A performance slalom side cut blended with a dual tunnel design makes this an extremely versatile combo pair.

68'' / 172 cm
vez: 700 ADJ.
Foot size: 4.5-13 

1.535,00 kn

Obrien skije Celebrity 64

The Celebrity 64 is truly a combo set for the whole family. It’s just the right size so that the whole family can feel comfortable learning to ski or launching a massive spray! A flatter, faster rocker line reduces drag, allowing for hours of skiing with less fatigue

64'' / 162 cm
Vez: 700 ADJ
Foot size: 4.5-13 

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